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A Happy New Year, everyone!  I have been in the United States for four months and more now.  I am in Christmas break now.  The first semester ended on December twenty-second.  Some of you are may interested in American high school, so today, I am going to tell you about it. 
In American high school, each student has our own class schedule.  This is my one in the last semester.

 1st  Geometry  8:05 ~ 9:29 
  2A  Band  9:37 ~10:27 
  2B  Choir 10:34 ~11:24 
  3rd  US History  11:54 ~ 1:18 
  4th   English 9  1:26 ~  2:50

(I am supposed to take English 10 because I am in tenth grade, but I made my grade down only in English, and I am taking English 9 with freshman because English is my second language.)
In my school, we study on a same schedule every day for a semester (We have two semesters in a schoolyear.), so we are going to change classes from after this break.  We can choose which classes we want to take, but we also have classes which we must take like English.  We put our stuff in our own locker in the morning after we arrived at school, and take things to need to the classroom.   In my school, students are not allowed to take our bags to classrooms, so we need to go to our locker before every class.
 My favorite class is Band.  We do Matching Band while the football game season (usually from September to beginning of November).  I wanted to do Color Guard, but my school band doesn’t have it, so I am playing the mallet instruments.  We practice during the class, and do a performance in the half time show of home games and cheer for Hornets, my school’s football team (Our school character is a hornet!), on the stand.  After that, we work as Symphonic Band.  We practice for Collage Concert.  We had the concert as Christmas concert just about two weeks ago.  I am in choir and band, so I participated as both.  It was so good.
 The class which I was most interested in is US History.  It was hard for me at first because words are difficult, I didn’t know much about US history, and the teacher gave us a lot of projects and homework (We also had tests almost every week!), but I became used to that a month later.  When we learned about WWII including the war in the Pacific, I was sometimes a kind of uncomfortable in the class, but more than that, I was really interested in it.  I could learn WWII from the opposite side.  We listened to the radio which was aired right after the Attack on the Pearl Harbor.  My friend said his great-grandfather had been at the Pearl Harbor when Japan attacked there.  I could know things that I probably cannot know in Japan.  I felt there was a real war between Japan and America.  Some of my friends asked me how we learn about WWII in Japan.  It was very interesting for me to talk about the war with them.
 We don’t have school uniform.  Usually, only private schools have it in America.  School rules tend to be laxer than Japanese one.  Students enjoy their own fashion every day including painting nails, dyeing hair, makeup, ….  It depends on teachers, but we can drink and eat in the class.  We use computers a lot.  For example, when we write an essay, we just type it in a laptop, and send it to the teacher.  There are many other differences between American school and Japanese school.  I was sometimes confused during the first month at school because of so many differences of school systems, culture, and so on, but I already got used to that because my teachers and friends are nice to me.  I really enjoy my school life in the U.S.
 It is very cold in where I live.  The temperature is sometimes around -20℃. (You know we use Fahrenheit in the U.S.  It is sometimes confusing.)  I am sure it also gets cold in Japan, so please take care of yourself.
Thank you for reading.
Marin Nakaoka


    This is a textbook of Geometry.  As you can see, it is very thick.  It is heavy, so when we have homework from the textbook, many students just take photos of the pages, and leave the textbook at school.  We don’t buy textbooks.  We borrow them from school.

    These are pictures of marching band from Homecoming day. Homecoming Game is a biggest and most important game. On that day, students usually wear cloths of school color (Ours are maize and blue!), and many of them also get paints on their faces. We have Homecoming Dance after the game. It was great. In my school, we have another Homecoming in winter, too. I am so excited.

    I went to “Trick or Treat” on Halloween Day. A city where I went for it is really small, but I got a ton of candies. Many kids are eating candies at school after Halloween!

                   This is my locker at school. I couldn’t open the lock by myself for about a month! My friends always helped me with just opening my locker. I know it is ridiculous. I don’t get used to it still now. Some students organize their own lockers. Every marching band student gets this paper on our locker. I love that!

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